Val Moritz Village

Val Moritz Village is a single-family residential subdivision consisting of 143 one-acre lots located in Grand County Colorado. The subdivision is conveniently located between Grand Lake and Winter Park and is bordered by Granby Ranch. The Granby Ranch Ski Basin is adjacent to the subdivision and the Headwaters Golf Course is nearby. The Granby Ranch cross country skiing and biking trails also run alongside Val Moritz Village, and from time to time some of the roads within Val Moritz Village will be utilized for certain events. YMCA of the Rockies & Snow Mountain Ranch trails are also accessible via trail culvert under Highway 40. The Granby to Fraser trail also runs through Val Moritz Village.

The land is a beautiful mix of open valley and sage surrounded by old and new growth Lodge Pole Pine, Aspen, and some Spruce with breathtaking views of the Continental Divide and Rocky Mountain National Park. Early morning and evening walks will often include sightings of deer, elk, fox, grouse, rabbit, porcupine, an occasional moose, and a variety of hawks and numerous bird habitats.

Val Moritz Village is located in an unincorporated area of Grand County with a tax mill levy of approximately 52. Power, natural gas, phone, and cable TV/high speed Internet are available. There are approximately twenty homes completed in Val Moritz Village with about a 60/40 split of year around to vacation homes.

There is a homeowners association (Village Lot Owners Association, Inc.) that manages the duties and affairs for the subdivision including this web site, design guidelines, road maintenance, central trash area, subdivision rules and regulations, etc. HOA dues are currently at $475.00 per year (9.1.2022).

The current Board of Directors:

Steve Matteson (President)            303-588-9755     
Phillip Martin (Vice President)       970-455-0171
Carin Achele (Treasurer)                  916-765-8282
Cliff Foster (Building)                     303-842-4265                                                                                     Bruce Thomasson (Secretary)       970-531-3321


The subdivision was platted prior to June 1, 1972; so each lot owner is entitled to a well permit through the State of Colorado for household use. There are approximately 21 wells in operation, the approximate gallons per minute range from 4.5 to 100, or more, with an average of approximately 14 GPM. Well depth has ranged from 80’-375′ with an average depth of 247’.

On more than one occasion the Association has replied to questions from prospective owners regarding the quality of wells in the subdivision. Comparatively, there are areas in the mountains where drillers can drill to 1,000’ and not attain a fraction of the water production many of the wells in Val Moritz Village have obtained at 200’.

It is important to note, there have been several re-drills in Val Moritz Village, in every instance the original drilling was either halted at first water, (regardless of GPM) in the range of 80’ to 120 deep , or drilled by a company that is not listed below, or that is no longer in business.

In all fairness these re-drills were for wells drilled in the subdivision prior to well drillers becoming familiar with the formations and ideal depths. As is the case with other high mountain valleys the variable formations can present a challenge, especially for the wells that were drilled prior to having any drilling logs to reference. For example: Three of the re-drills were for three of the original wells that were at a depth of 80’to 120’, with reported GPM already at the low end, that likely decreased over the years because of the softer formations found at shallower depths. The replacement wells ranged in depth from 240’ to 500’ with a flow rates from 10 to over 100 GPM.

Please keep in mind, there are drillers that will hastily achieve water production and construct a well within a half a day, and at times to the same depth another driller will take 2 or 3 days to arrive at. We suggest that you play an active role when choosing your driller. Builders may provide an allowance that will not be sufficient to have a quality well drilled and thus the builder may end up using a lower priced driller that may end up costing the owner more in the end.

A couple of well drillers, and a well pump company, that have had unblemished success in Val Moritz Village, who have been recommended by owners are:

Bill Abbott of Abbots Pump Co. 970-887-0711

As throughout the Rocky Mountains water quality varies from well to well. Some well water may contain hardness, sulfur, iron, or sediment, and some owners have installed filters or softeners to treat those concerns. Other wells have required no treatment at all.

 For informational purposes: there is a fairly new water filtration system called “Air Infusion” which can eradicate most water quality issues within the confines of a single filtering tank that does not require filter replacements. One vendor who has installed Air Infusion systems in Val Moritz Village is “Chuck The Water Man.” If you would like more information regarding these systems you can reach Chuck Minott at 303 543-9600.


Preliminary wastewater testing and engineering including soil profiles and percolation tests have been performed on all lots to establish and predetermine septic and well locations on a multi-lot perspective. This engineering was performed in order to guard against random septic and well placement in order to ensure proper setbacks are maintained throughout the subdivision, as well as to ensure the assigned locations will prove adequate for septic systems utilizing the required “Advanced Treatment” technology with Shallow Drain Fields.

The preliminary engineering was conducted by Shannon Engineering, Inc. located in Kremmling Colorado. Questions regarding the preliminary engineering, or how to advance the engineering already on file to final design, should be directed to Randy George at 970 531-1302.

Please note: You are not required to utilize Shannon Engineering for final design, however, the preliminary testing and engineering has been performed by Shannon Engineering and has been paid for. Furthermore, several years ago the Association resolved that it was best to error on the side of caution regarding waste water treatment, and as previously mentioned, the Association requires Advanced Treatment technology, so should you decide to pay for new testing and should your engineer design a standard septic system; the Association will not approve it.

There are currently 3 Advanced Treatment systems approved by Grand County, they are:

Orenco Systems (Advantex)
Hoot Aerobic Treatment System
Bio-Microbics (Mirco Fast)

Please note: The original Covenants from the early 1970’s mention the possibility of both water and sewer being extended to the subdivision. Obviously the developer did not oversee the extension of either one. In the early 2000’s the Association attempted to have both utilities extended by means of establishing an Improvements District. However, our timing was such that we were caught up in the middle of a multiple District dispute and plagued by issues that could not be overcome. More recently (2015-2016) it appeared as if many of the difficulties pertaining to the extension of central sewer had been resolved, and the Association negotiated, and reached an agreement with The Town of Granby to extend sewer to Val Moritz Village. Unfortunately there was an apparent communication breakdown between the Town and the entity (Granby Sanitation District) that would have theoretically been collecting millions of dollars in tap fees, treating the effluent, collecting quarterly fees, and nothing more. Unfortunately, rather than the misinterpretations being practically resolved, we were presented with impractical scenarios that once again put the extension of sewer out of reach. At this point until Granby Ranch has a need to extend sewer to the southern portion of their development, we do not anticipate sewer being extended to Val Moritz Village.

Advanced Treatment Septic System Testing Inspectors

ITS Inc. Erik Hamilton, 303 618-6566,                                                       System certification for: Hoot, Fast, and AdvanTex

SCG Enterprises, Inc. Mike Scrivner, 303 638-8413,                    System certification for: AdvanTex

Tabernash Construction, Chris Bergquistdt, 970 575-1122,         System certification for: Advantex

Soils Testing, Foundations

Soil conditions, soil quality, seasonal ground water, rock formations, and vegetation in Val Moritz Village can vary from Block to Block, and even from Lot to Lot. Recommendations within the soils tests performed thus far have varied from standard foundations with and without perimeter drainage systems, to foundations with engineered back-fill, or pier systems.

Val Moritz Village is a beautiful valley, but it is a valley, there is one primary drainage course running through the subdivision and several secondary drainage.  Attempting to divert any drainage course in order to build close to, or within the original drainage area is not advisable. Any homes built in proximity of a drainage course are more likely to encounter seasonal ground water and should consider a perimeter drainage system.

One thing for Aspen tree enthusiasts to keep in mind is some areas of the subdivision are blessed with beautiful Aspen groves, and Aspens generally grow in areas with more moisture. Most of the owners who have built in or around the Aspens, regardless as to the presence of ground water during a soils test or not, have installed a French Drain and/or a sump pump system, or a sump pump basin.

For informational purposes: Another fairly new product on the market that can simplify the French Drain procedure is called EZ-Flow.

Because Grand County regulations require a soils test for lots with a slope greater than 15%, a few lot owners in Val Moritz Village will be required to submit a soils test with their building permit application, but most won’t. Given the diverse soil conditions, many owners have elected to have a soils test performed regardless. Should you decide to have a test completed, ask around for reputable engineers, the key is finding one who won’t over, or under engineer the project.

We thank you for your interest in Val Moritz Village and we hope you find the website informative.

All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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