Access Road

In 2008 the Village Lot Owners Association, Inc. entered into an agreement with Granby Ranch’s metro district that would eventually extend County Road 882 (Zermatt St.) to Village Road in Granby Ranch. At that time Granby Ranch indicated these improvements would commence within a few years. Improvements would have included the construction of accel/decel lanes at Highway 40 and County Road 88 (Val Moritz Dr.), a bridge over the ski slope, and eventually paving. In 2019 Granby Ranch went into foreclosure and thus we see no practical scenario where this extension will transpire anytime in the near future, if ever.

As far as the accel/decel lanes at Highway 40 are concerned, the County, as well as CDOT are aware of the issues on Highway 40 in the Red Dirt Hill area and we’ve been informed that there may be some short-term improvements (minor improvements) in the summer of 2020 however there is no funding for any long-term (major improvements) and that notification was pre covid 19.
Over the coming years the Association hopes to coordinate and form an Improvements District and eventually pave County Road 88 from Highway 40 to at least the top of the hill where the Val Moritz Village sign is located.


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